Promonews - 6th July 2021

Atticus Blue reflects on a relationship where love has faded, but friendship remains, in Jackson Gyori's video for Sundown.

Gyori takes us through the course of the artist's relationship with a girl, and flashes back and forth through the ups and downs of their relationship.

The video appropriately makes the most of the end-of-day light around London's Docklands too, incorporating an outdoor performance from the synth-pop artist.


DirectorJackson Gyori
ProducerNicole Hood
1st ADDavid Elliot
Director of PhotographySimon Van Parijs
Focus PullerSam Hoston
2nd ACVictor Katilis
SteadicamBeau Pritchard-James

Promonews - 6th July 2021

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