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Hurts 'All I Have To Give' by Favourite Colour Black

Rob Ulitski - 11th Sept 2020

Hurts' frontman Theo Hutchcraft is stripped of all his wordly possessions, in Chris Turner aka Favourite Colour Black's new video for All I Have To Give. 

Opening in a derelict toilet block, Theo is bloodied and bruised, hunched over a mirror as he navigates his new reality. 

Shot in one-take, the fourth wall is broken as the set is stripped and taken down - a darker version of Natalie Imbruglia's iconic Torn video - as he continues to lipsync to the track. 

The warm orange glow of the candles is a great contrast to the dingy aesthetic, representing a small flame of hope in a world full of nightmares. Even when we are stripped of everything we have to give, there is a way to move forwards. 


Theo has made tonnes of promos, but he’s never done a ‘one-shot’ video before. 

"My first ever video was for Hurts. It was for a song called Miracle, and it was available to watch for all of two days before the label had to ‘ban’ it and pull it from Youtube. It’s a long story, but ever since then I’ve been hoping for another chance to work with them, and finally the stars aligned for All I Have To Give.

"Theo has made tonnes of promos, but he’s never done a ‘one-shot’ video before, and with the song (and album) having strong recurring themes of self-reflection and facing your demons, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to use this approach, because of the raw, honest feeling that can be achieved from capturing a performance in a single, unbroken take.

"With this video we wanted to literally break the fourth wall, and show Theo being stripped of everything - not only his possessions, but the artifice of the business. The characters he’s played in numerous videos, until all that’s left is his true self."

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Rob Ulitski - 11th Sept 2020


  • One shot video
  • Performance
  • Synth Pop
  • Alt Rock
  • single take
  • derelict

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Favourite Colour Black
Thalia Murray
Production Company
Stable London Productions
Executive Producer
Matt Vines


Director of Photography
Dan Skully
Focus Puller
Ciro Candida
2nd AC
Anastasia Romanchuka


Dave Nye


Art Director
Bobby Nicols


Lucy Hutchcraft
Natasha Lawes


Vick Parker
Colour grade company
Raised By Wolves


Director's Representation


John Hassay

Rob Ulitski - 11th Sept 2020

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