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Megan Thee Stallion 'Hiss' by Douglas Bernardt

David Knight - 30th Jan 2024

Douglas Bernardt follows up the jawdropping Cobra video with his second, equally gobsmacking video for Megan Thee Stallion - the sequel, in fact. After Cobra comes Hiss...

The video features Megan's powerful alter-ego, Tina Snow, and conveys metamorphosis through symbolic set design and alignment with the powerful lyrics in a series of spectacular set-ups. And symmetry is a key element, emphasising the duality between Megan and Tina.

The thematic divide is evident in a camera split effect of the pair, achieved through consciously crafted hair and makeup, cinematography and editing. And as you might expect after the Cobra, this video also leans into VFX and complex technical camera work, such as having Megan facing a mirrored room reflecting both of her personas back to the audience.

Bernardt again showcases his ability to seamlessly blend cultural nuances with striking storytelling. He consulted with Shibari experts, inspired by Japanese pop culture, and referenced the cult anime film Perfect Blue, which explores the difference between persona and true self.

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David Knight - 30th Jan 2024


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Douglas Bernardt
Mark Hall
Production Company
Executive Producer
Romy Jo Waller
1st AD
Jonas Morales
Production Assistant
Melanie Jessie, Victor Huezo, Connor Bland, Josh Burton, Peter Pono Marzan, Munkhbat Norovsambuu Monk
Creative Director’s Assistant
Nicolas De Sola
2nd AD
Damon Limbrick


Director of Photography
Christopher Ripley
1st AC
Jacob Perry
2nd AC
Joe Ashi
Mason Harrelsoon


Mathias Peralta
BB Electric
Jacob Kaster


Production designer
Miranda Lorenz
Art Director
Zephyr Beck
Art Coordinator
Michi Oyama
Set Decorator
Emily Boatwright


Lucas Moesch
Editing company
Final Cut
Assistant Editor
Elijah Hermitt


Daniel de Vue


VFX Company
dopo Post
VFX Supervisor
Juliano Storchi
Post Producer
Melissa Trindade


Head of Music Video
Production Supervisor
Orren Herold
VFX Producer
Jacquelini Lima

Other credits

Senior Colour Producer

Julia King Colourist

David Knight - 30th Jan 2024

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