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Eartheater 'Crushing' by Andrew Thomas Huang

Rob Ulitski - 25th Sept 2023

Andrew Thomas Huang returns to music videos with a beautifully crafted promo and a thrilling shift in visual style for multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer and vocalist Alexandra Drewchin - aka Eartheater. 

Boasting a late 90's aesthetic, with the sensibility of cosmetics and fragrance commercials of the period, the  visual for Crushing sees the artist explore a decadent mirrored room, interspersed with unique performance vignettes. Snapshots of a narrative - which involve the artist form glassware, drink from it and then shatter it with her voice - adds to the considerably alluring atmosphere.  

Huang captures the laidback, transcendent feel of the track, and with the camera constantly moving, never quite revealing a single portrait of Eartheater until late in the piece, the video maintains its sense of mystery and excitement throughout. Video screens of HD footage of Eartheater, video frames within frames, and terrific stylised cinematography by Laura Merians Goncalves eightens this feeling of otherworldliness.

It's visually breathtaking, as one would expect from this masterful director, but also a real departure from his previous work. It's also confident enough to end the piece with a section of BTS video revealing a moment in its making. That simply adds to the magic. 

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Rob Ulitski - 25th Sept 2023


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Andrew Thomas Huang
Ade Macalinao
Production Company
Executive Producer
Alex Brinkman


Director of Photography
Laura Merians Goncalves
Focus Puller
Sharla Cipicchio


Production designer
Grace Surnow


Natasha Newman-Thomas


Andrew Thomas Huang

Rob Ulitski - 25th Sept 2023

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