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Master Peace 'Loo Song' by Freddie Cattaneo

Rob Ulitski - 21st Aug 2023

Freddie Cattaneo directs a captivating and witty portrait of British culture in his video for Master Peace, where a greasy spoon becomes a surprising venue for blossoming romance. 

Set in a café, we see a rotating selection of people from all backgrounds sitting at a table, including a businessman, women on their hen-do and a bored couple. As the video progresses, the characters come together in a riotous celebration of freedom, leaving behind their cares and worries for another time. 

"At the start, I wanted to create the feeling that everyone’s letting life pass them by," Cattaneo says. "As Master Peace performs Loo Song, the space transforms into a party full of youthful exuberance - unexpected romances spark, people kiss, argue and throw belongings around - momentarily released from the drudgery and routine of their everyday lives.

"My aim was to capture something quintessentially British by juxtaposing the stark, fluorescent overheads and drab decor of the café with an array of characters nevertheless laying claim to a life of glamour and drama. It’s a BBQ in the rain, a bikini on a cloudy day. In this respect, I was heavily inspired by Ewen Spencer’s photo series Young Love and the ethos of Martin Parr’s photography."

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Rob Ulitski - 21st Aug 2023


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Freddie Cattaneo
Milly May
Georgia Rae Sterling-grant
Executive Producer
Kate Shelley
1st AD
Maxim Elliot
Production Assistant
Tomas Leslie
2nd AD
Billy French
3rd AD
Andre Mason


Director of Photography
Cassius Kane
Focus Puller
Teddy Udsholt-clayton
2nd AC
Poppy Langley


Adam Trzcinski
Fin Grover, Ken Liew


Production designer
Freya Osborne
Art Assistant
Ciarán Gallagher


Freddie Cattaneo


Colour Producer
Lewes Bridson
Thomas Kumeling
Colour grade company

Rob Ulitski - 21st Aug 2023

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