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Eats Everything 'Tell You What It Is' by Charlie Rees

Rob Ulitski - 10th Aug 2022

Charlie Rees directs a euphoric promo for Eats Everything's new single, Tell You What It Is.

In the video, we see an exhausted hotel porter shake off his stressful day, being struck by a sudden need to dance. The increasingly surreal environment sees the character mutate, separate from his clothing and glitch as he vibes out to the track, putting on a spectacular show at various points in the building. 

Captivatingly shot, the video seamlessly stitches together separate scenes with careful timing and clever visual effects, to elevate the surreality of the concept.

“The video is a euphoric fever dream that follows an exhausted hotel porter into the void as he’s confronted with the different elements of his character that are being stifled and want to come out and dance," explains Rees. 

"It was so much fun to direct. I've been wanting to create a dance video that's led by a surreal/archaic narrative for some time. It's a style that I want to explore further. The song is rooted in 90s rave culture so I have referenced some of my 90s favourites. See if you can spot Human Traffic, Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Choice and The Matrix, to name a few."

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Rob Ulitski - 10th Aug 2022


  • Dance
  • Hotel
  • Choreography
  • Surreal
  • 90s
  • Exhausted
  • Performance

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Charlie Rees
Xiaoxuan Zhu
Production Company
Executive Producer
Annie Ayres


Director of Photography
Luke Dryden

Rob Ulitski - 10th Aug 2022

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