David Knight - 9th Dec 2021

Kris R creates a delightfully oddball comedy for Baby Dave - Isaac Holman from Slaves's new solo project - getting to grips with the richly off-kilter and funny lyrical content of Clarence's Dead Dad.

It all starts with Isaac sitting up in bed with an older lady, watching a Burt Reynolds movie from the '80s - before his helpfulness leads him to the attic, and a surprising encounter with the eponymous Clarence's Dead Dad and his friend, known as The Taxidermy Fox. 

A competitive game of cards ensues, followed by general tomfoolery - and more clips of Burt Reynolds. Expectations are subverted, and the fine performances by the four-person cast - Chris Repps, Rufus White and Kelly Lee as well as Holman - and cinematography by Jed Darlington-Roberts, taps into British cinematic tradition to create its own interesting blend of kitchen sink surrealism.

It began as something sinister, but we realized that its their companionship that we found appealing.

"Working with Isaac to bring this (semi) autobiographical tale to life has taken me to places I’ll never go again - but not because I wouldn’t want to," declares Kris, enigmatically. "The idea began as something sinister, but we soon realized that the companionship of this most unlikely trio that we all found appealing.

"Casting took a while to get right, but once we had decided on Chris (Clarence’s Dead Dad) and Rufus (The Taxidermy Fox), things started to fall into place. Their ability and willingness allowed us to create an intensity that could sustain the ridiculousness."

PRO Credits


DirectorKris R
ProducerLiam Wallace-Cook
Production CompanyBlend Films
Director of PhotographyJed Darlington-Roberts
Focus PullerTom Gass
GafferJorge Higgins
Art DirectorElsa Parker
Make-upAlexandra Knights
Make-upSophie Ball
EditorKris R
ColouristDan Beddoe
Other creditsSound: Tom Blawatt Cast: Chris Repps, Rufus White, Kelly Lee

David Knight - 9th Dec 2021

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