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Kojey Radical 'GANGSTA' by Charlie Sarsfield

Promonews - 22nd Nov 2021

Charlie Sarsfield sensitively brings to life Kojey Radical's path from childhood to the present day in the video for GANGSTA.

The cinematic film is an emotional and intimate portrayal of Kojey’s relationship with his family and his unwavering admiration and respect for his mum - who is the 'gangsta' of the songtitle, due to her indominitable attitude, and fortitude in the face of every challenge.

Sarsfield dramatises the domestic setting, and the relationship between mother and boy, in the video in which Kojey appears as a 'fly on the wall', performing while the action plays out. He reveals his vulnerability in a captivating performance which is elevated by careful lighting and a nostalgic palette which perfectly blends the present with the past.

This is the latest video featuring Kojey Radical produced by Untold Studios - he also features in the recently released film presentation of Swindle's new album. In this case, Kojey's sister Marsha also played a role behind the camera, advising Sarsfield on the creative vision - and his mother was also at the shoot.

Talking about the video, Kojey Radical has commented: “Gangsta is such a personal song for me and I really wanted to make sure we captured the essence of family in a way that felt empowering.

"I normally would help direct my videos, but this time I gave that role to my sister alongside Charlie Sarsfield. It’s easily one of my favourite videos to date and it was an honour to have my mother and my family on set.”


We wanted to focus on the craft of constructing an image... this created a nostalgic feel.

“Working with Kojey was something I’d wanted to do for a long time. I’ve been a big fan of his artistry since he started out. He’s worked with directors across the industry I really respect, so having the chance to add my name to that list was a real honour.

"We all know he has a unique style and I wanted to bring that through in this visual. Working alongside Untold Studios and Thomas Hole (DP), I really feel we’ve elevated the creative and brought this piece to life in a memorable way.

"It was always going to be important that the viewer felt as if they were in the room and part of the story and I hope that when people watch this, they really feel part of the moment.

"Collaborating with Kojey and his sister Marsha on a track that is so important to the both of them made it even more special. This visual tells the story of their relationship with their mother, but in reality it’s a tale that everyone can find an emotional connection to. It’s a story about family, about growing up and ultimately about the love that grows within the relationships that follow us through life in whatever form they take.

"The majority of music videos we see now are fast-paced, making the most of the latest camera tricks and techniques. We wanted to take this right back and focus on the craft of constructing an image, leaning into the framing and lighting and allowing the action to happen in front of the camera instead of the camera doing the work. This created a nostalgic feel, almost as if you're flicking through a family photo book.

"Shout out all the mamas doing their thing everywhere, you all deserve bigger crowns.”

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Promonews - 22nd Nov 2021


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  • Narrative
  • Performance
  • Hip Hop
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  • Family
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Charlie Sarsfield
Tia Varnnard
Production Company
Executive Producer
Nkem Egbuchiri
Executive Producer
Marsha Kwarteng


Director of Photography
Thomas Hols


Tom Herring


Tom Mangham
Colour grade company


Post Producer
Polly Durrance


Phil Lee

Other credits

Creative Directors

Phil Lee, Ejiro Dafé

Head Of Music & Social

Annie Ayres

Promonews - 22nd Nov 2021

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