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Elderbrook 'Broken Mirror' by Jordan Rossi

Promonews - 19th Oct 2021

Elderbrook's cinematic track Broken Mirror becomes the vehicle for an authentic story, showcasing the issues facing many Queer people in 2021, helmed by director/photographer Jordan Rossi in collaboration with  multi-disciplinary artist and creator Darkwah.

Rossi's film follows a day in the life of a Queer performer played by Darkwah, and the reality of their experience, including the aggressions and microaggressions that impact personal safety and mental health. 

Together with a gut-wrenching sequence where Darkwah is cornered by a homophobic mob, there is also a focus upon the little stuff - small acts where their personal space is invaded, whether its being stared at and photographed in a cornershop, having their hair touched, or being touched inappropriately - that really resonates. 

Darwah delivers a charismatic performance which allows moments of happiness, as well as ranges of pain and anguish, and ultimately shows a strength of character, in a spoken-word sequence towards the end, which displays their inner resolve and dignity. Rossi brings this all together superbly well, in a video which features terrific cinematography from DoP Charlie Knight.

On the project Darkwah has said: “As soon as I saw the treatment, I knew I wanted to be a part of this project," says Darkwah. "It’s all of the things I’ve experienced many times over. It’s so important that aggressions and micro-aggressions are spoken about outside of the LGBTQIA+ community. We know these things. We experience them - sometimes at the hands of those in our community but more so by those outside of it.

"Having these occurrences shown at this level in conjunction with an artist like Elderbrook, I hope will not only generate more conversation but result in change for the better as people check the ways in which they interact with performers, Queer performers and Queer people. I’m incredibly grateful to have been part of this project. I’m super excited for the change it will start to incite.”

Jordan Rossi adds: “With Queer culture moving into the mainstream you’d think this would be a great time for Queer liberation but actually it’s far from it. More than ever before, we’re put into a box and forced to try and make our Queerness palatable for so many audiences. As a LGBTQ+ working director and photographer, I’m still excluded from so many conversations and projects which is why it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to craft this narrative and film.

"A big expression of gratitude goes to Elderbrook, his team and the record label who have let us tell this story freely and authentically, whilst supporting us at every step of the process.”

The support from Elderbrook and Parlophone marks the start of a number of LGBTQIA+ activations that support the community. These include an Instagram Live session on Elderbrook's Instagram platform, featuring Jordan Rossi and Darkwah talking about the video, on Monday October 25th at 6pm (BST).

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Promonews - 19th Oct 2021


  • Narrative
  • Dance
  • Electronic
  • LGBTQ+
  • Queer

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Jordan Rossi
Jordi Estapé
Line Producer
Jamie Tarr
Production Company
Executive Producer
Beth Montague
1st AD
Oli Hill


Director of Photography
Charlie Knight
1st AC
Marti Guiver
2nd AC
Emily Mcney


Hollie Mapp


Lead actor


Mike Radforth
Newbody Post
Editing company
Final Cut


Myles Bevan
Colour grade company
Time Based Arts


Director's Representation


John Hassay

Other credits


Sam Harvey, Lea Otovic


John Ravey

Additional Talent

Lukas Parizek, Jacob G, Dominic Conory, Tom Blake, Anass El Auoad, Lisa Maeda, Eva Von Mitzka, Andi Marvel

Darkwah Friends

Kharise Williams, Teddy Jackson, Dolli Koriko

Promonews - 19th Oct 2021

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