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James Blake 'Say What You Will' by Bear Damon

Promonews - 6th Aug 2021

James Blake's cool LA life is disturbed by endless reminders that Finneas is much more successful that he is - in Bear Damon's brilliant video for Say What You Will.

“The song is about finding peace with who you are and where you’re at regardless of how well other people seem to be doing,” Blake has explained in a press release. “Comparison really is the thief of joy.”

The video is really an expression of that theme, but much less earnest than Blake's statement might suggest. Bear Damon does exploit the sensitivity that Blake is renowned for, but for comic purposes. He does so in a  series of beautifully judged sequences that serve to crush James's spirits - beginning with him holding a single award at the Grammys, only to be jolted by the sight of Finneas cradling an armful.

Who knew that James Blake could act comedy? Bear Damon, presumably, and maybe Blake suspected it himself. There are various elements that make this an outstanding video - not least the (self-mocking) presence of Finneas. It would be nothing without him. But Blake's own performance of quietly crumbling confidence makes it wonderful. It may or may not be truthful, but it's certainly believable.   

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Promonews - 6th Aug 2021


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Promonews - 6th Aug 2021

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