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Pa Salieu 'Frontline' (Live for The Tonight Show) by Tawbox

Promonews - 19th Feb 2021

TAWBOX, creative directors behind Stormzy’s 2019 Glastonbury headline set and Dave’s 2020 BRITs performance, directed Pa Salieu's first US TV appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon - a one-shot performance that recreates the rapper's Send Them To Coventry album cover.

It's a fusion of The Gambia meets Coventry, as Pa Salieu travels through a Gambian shop and is then joined by his Coventry friends. Inspired by Gambian culture, TAWBOX included a Kankurang dancer within the performance. A large-scale lighting set up and a live band was used during the performance to showcase Pa Salieu as one of music’s leading artists.

"Production wise it was all about getting a dream team together to pull it off and with Alex Jamin behind the lens we went for it," explain TAWBOX. "With numerous lighting states and sets (designed by Sarah Asmail) we needed a monumental lighting plan and roped in Elliot Beach to pull it off in one long day.

"Funnily enough Sarah Asmail had worked on Pa Salieu's album cover and it was just by sheer coincidence that producer Ghandi El-Chamaa got in touch with her for the performance, having seen her other sets and been keen to get a working relationship going.

"Seb Joly on the Trinity is also worthy of a mention having had to enter through a car window with his rig and under 1cm clearance 24 times - he didn't bump it on any recorded takes!"

Promonews - 19th Feb 2021


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Production Company
Film Band


Director of Photography
Alex Jamin
Focus Puller
Chris Hayes
2nd AC
Kiloren Mclaren


Elliot Beach


Art Director
Sarah Asmail


Holly M Macdonald


Alex Gregory
Colour grade company
The Mill, London


Warner Music UK

Other credits

Colour Producer

Charlie Morris

Movement Director

Amber Rimell

Kankurang Outfit

Kate Tabor

Promonews - 19th Feb 2021

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