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Sad Night Dynamite 'Smoke Hole' by Edie Lawrence

Promonews - 17th Feb 2021

Edie Lawrence presents Sad Night Dynamite's headline set a summer festival... in plasticine.

The video for Smoke Hole begins with Archie and Josh - aka SND - driving along country roads in their stretch limo to Shimewaza - a festival in their honour, populated by masses of devoted, unquestioning followers. And Lawrence has done a remarkable job in creating the festival vibe that you badly missed last summer - the hippies, the merch, the fairground attractions... and as night falls, a banging set by the SND boys to a crowd of thousands.

This oddball dark comedy is a parallel reflection of the current state of the world - all achieved with plasticine animation, cardboard sets and greenscreen footage. Lawrence joins that small group of claymation animators who have made a memorable impact in music videos down the decades. She's a talent to watch for 2021.


I ended up creating my own clay festival in my room at home.

"Working with Sad Night Dynamite has been a real pleasure – we share a similarly dark and maverick  style and it was easy to bounce ideas off one another and agree on themes and concepts.

"The project has definitely helped get me through lockdown. I ended up creating my own clay festival in my room at home, which meant dismantling my bed for three months and sleeping on the floor next to my sets and characters.

"Archie and Josh were great to work with. They fully trusted me to get on with it, even after the Zoom call when I suggested turning them into hooded cult figures that put their plasticine fans into a Smoke Hole trance.

"The response to the video has been brilliant but it’s frustrating that in several of the early reviews I have been mistaken for a man - just because I have created something that’s ‘edgy’. There aren’t many women in the animation world and these assumptions about creatives should be consigned to history."

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Promonews - 17th Feb 2021


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Promonews - 17th Feb 2021

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