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Diplo & Sonny Fodera 'Turn Back Time' by Jay Walker

Rob Ulitski - 15th Feb 2021

A man experiences time slips as an elusive woman pops in and out of his vision, in Jay Walker's mesmerising promo for Diplo and Sonny Fodera. 

Playing with themes of sanity, time and the very fabric of reality itself, the video moves at a breakneck speed, as the protagonist tries his best to maintain a sense of normality. 

DoP Anna Smoroňová uses lasers and strobing light effects to match the frenzied energy of the concept, and intermixes static establishing shots with handheld camerawork and subtle Snorricam footage to reflect the abstract vision. 


We were lucky enough to shoot the video in a single night in one of Prague’s best locations. 

"This shoot was a rewarding undertaking for my team and I. Working on a limited budget naturally forced us to find ways to really maximise the whole approach so the result reflected the visual language we wanted to achieve.

"Working in Prague has serious advantages for me, as I am really familiar with the landscape of our small industry here. Navigating production on this was fun to do on our home turf, especially since I got to pull my established team on to this project. Since we all work together so much, our communication lines are already really clear. We were able to put our heads together and quickly build a strong approach for each department that unified the whole piece.

"We were lucky enough to shoot the whole video in a single night in one of Prague’s best locations. And despite the always-intense conditions of a night shoot, the vibe on set remained light, fun and positive the whole time. Our talent were lovely and always having a laugh at how quickly we were moving.

"Even prep and post with the label was enjoyable. This is my first commissioned music video, so I was a bit surprised that the entire label and creative team we consulted with were all about our age. The generational alignment between us and the client made communication really approachable, grounded and natural.

"Overall, the process on this video was all you could hope for it to be: fast, fun, playful and smooth!"

Rob Ulitski - 15th Feb 2021


  • Director's notes
  • Surreal
  • Electronic
  • Lasers
  • Narrative
  • SnorriCam
  • VFX

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Jay Walker
Production Company
Provoke Pictures
Production Company
Executive Producer
Mojas Perovic
Executive Producer
Vojtěch Komrzý
1st AD
Zach Slouka


Director of Photography
Anna Smoronova
Focus Puller
Patrik Rams
2nd AC
Lukáš Král


Jirka Vrana


Art Director
Jirka Krmelík


Jakub Jelínek


Marina Starke


Post production company


Sam Seager


Associate Producer
Klára Plechsson

Other credits

Location, Ondřej Novák

Location Manager

Martin Svoboda

Creative Supervisor

Atila Martins

Third Asst. Director

Vojtěch Dušek

Script Supervisor

Ida Ralevska

Safety Advisor

Jan Maruška

Production Coordinator

Katarina Kubošiová

Production Assistants

Anna Portyšová, Pavlína Přibylová, Natálie Holzknechtová


Gala Kebakoska, Karolína Beranová


Mlha Studio, Lukáš Dřevjaný, Jan Hladil

Steadicam Operator

Vladimír Muller

Steadicam Assistant

Jan Sion


Matej Hajaš


Ondřej Pech

Wardrobe Assistant

Nik Dvořáková, Zenita Helgo

Key Grip

Michal Ráliš


Petr Šíp, Lukáš Muller

Best Boy

Tomáš Rudčenko


Michal Sidor, Tomáš Vaňouček

Base Boy

Igor Doe


Oldřich Doležal


Nikolas Můranský, Aneta Zemanová

Post-Production Supervisor

Kristýna Řádková, Štěpán Kříž, Martin Petro

Sound Post-Production

NAPA Records

Sound Designer

Martin Blauber



Special Thanks To

Zoran Perić, Dominik Dušek

BTS Photographer

Lena Knappová

Special Thanks To:Kongresové Centrum Praha, Jakub Lukáš A Jan Hemmer, Václav Bejlek, Balša Kalac, Konstantin Čugunov, Pavel Hrdlička, Jiří Fusek

Rob Ulitski - 15th Feb 2021

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