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Fickle Friends 'IRL' by Callum Lloyd-James

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Jan 2021

Fickle Friends channel the frustrations of 2020 into an exuberant and vibrant performance, in Callum Lloyd-James' mesmerising promo for IRL. 

Inside an eye-catching, vividly-furnished bedroom set, the band relish the opportunity of being back together again, gleaming with optimism and hope for a more social future.

“IRL has such a great energy so we knew we wanted to create a performance video," says the band's lead vocalist Natti Shiner. “It feels like we are living in a virtual reality right now and we kinda wanted to mirror that idea with the illustrated parts of the set. Our bedrooms have become a safe haven in this time, a place to be creative and a space to reflect.

"We have missed playing music with each other so much it felt pretty special to be reunited and do that in a (fake) bedroom, surrounded by the most awesome team of creative minds.”


It felt like the right thing to create an environment where we could have fun and let off some steam.

"The aim of the video was to bring the the themes of the track to life through a dynamic and colourful performance piece. With 2020 being the year it was, where very few bands got the opportunity to perform in a way they would have liked, it felt like the right thing to do to create an environment in which we could have fun and let off some steam.

"I worked closely with Olavo and Brendan to look at ways of kicking the video up a gear in a creative way during the post chorus, going into the final flourish at the end. I knew I wanted to use a strobing effect, and we devised the plan to integrate the lighting design into the set itself. I'm ecstatic with the results we achieved.

"The set design and colourations were influenced heavily by 1960's interior design, with the illustrated design of props being a nod to the desire we all have at the moment to get out an experience something real. This concept intertwines nicely with the lyrics of the song and the band nailed the performance on the day."

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Jan 2021


  • Director's notes
  • Performance
  • Indie
  • Pop
  • 60s
  • lockdown
  • bedroom

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Callum Lloyd-James
Eleanor Dolan
Production Company
Executive Producer
Ash Teague
1st AD
Billy Farmer


Director of Photography
Brendan Harvey
Focus Puller
Dan Vileneuva
2nd AC
Chris Cole


Elliot Beach


Art Director
Olavo Abrantes


Kay Wyer
Rae Garioch


Pete Thomas


Sebastian Ziabka


Cooking Vinyl

Other credits


Matty McCabe


Kris Ardley

Art Assistant

Jimena Lucia

Standby Gaffer

Ben Cridge


James Hawkins


Oscar McNab

Behind The Scenes

Lewis Jones

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Jan 2021

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