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Loski, Stormzy 'Flavour' by Joao Retorta

Rob Ulitski - 23rd Nov 2020

Loski and Stormzy are men on a mission - to deliver satisfaction to all sorts of women - in Joao Retorta's thoroughly enjoyable video for Flavour.

They play a couple of delivery men, making a number of drop offs around London to supply their special product. What is it? Well, the clue is very much in the songtitle.

It's a winning concept, which plays to the strengths and the chemistry of Loski and Stormzy, and provides a series of engaging episodes as they service an increasingly upscale clientele. 

DoP Harry Wheeler experiments with vibrant lighting and buoyant camerawork to match the steady flow of the track, allowing the charming performances to take focus. And it's a confident step by Joao Retorta into building a narrative around a pair of charismatic artists. 


My idea started by wanting to make a sort of reverse homage to the Cheech & Chong films.

"I think the most interesting challenge was taking the artists out of their comfort zone in making a video that is heavier on acting and character. It was interesting to work with the guys in that sense, to fully immerse ourselves in the characters and world that we were creating. We asked a lot from them. They are both featured on every scene, almost every shot of the video.

"The idea for the video started as a direct reaction to Stormzy's brief that we were sent by Dan Curwin over a year ago. The brief mentioned that Stormzy wanted to make something about ice cream and flavours, which reminded me of Cheech & Chong's stoner classics. My idea started by wanting to make a sort of reverse homage to the films. Instead of seeing ice cream vendors dealing weed, we see what seems to be something dodgy when in reality is just two guys running an ice cream business.

"That was the starting point of the concept, that was then developed together by myself and Stormzy (aka Floyd Sorietu). As for other inspirations and influences I watched Spike Lee's Clockers a few times whilst prepping the shoot. Fincher was a big one too, even though you can't probably tell it in the final product."

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Rob Ulitski - 23rd Nov 2020


  • Director's notes
  • Narrative
  • Grime
  • London
  • Delivery Men

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Joao Retorta
Joel Spencer
Production Company
Executive Producer
Jack Newman
Executive Producer
James Willis
Production Manager
Beatrice Giustini
1st AD
Luke Goodrich


Director of Photography
Harry Wheeler


Joe Sherno


Art Director
Ciaran Beale


Hair & Make-up
Robyn Rowan
Verity May Lane


Ellie Johnson
Editing company
Ten Three


Tim Smith
Colour grade company




Director's Representation
OB Management


Kat Catteneo
RCA Records

Rob Ulitski - 23rd Nov 2020

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