Rob Ulitski - 15th Oct 2020

Millie Turner is at one with nature in Hannah Berry George's carefree video for Eye Of The Storm. 

Under a thick blanket of woodland, Turner frolics without a care in the world, delivering her performance in an understated yet joyful fashion. 

This project is purely performance based, with intriguing art direction, beautiful cinematography and a subtle hint of VFX. What more could you need?


We lost three hours on the day to a storm. The irony wasn't lost on us. 

"This is a film about letting go and the magic that can happen in that space when you feel completely inhibited. This often comes with conflict and being torn between two worlds or states: wanting to do what is expected and wanting to break free of all of that. It’s a tale of two sides. Millie the performer and the essence of who Millie is as a human; of strength and gentleness; of reality and ethereal.

"It was a tricky shoot - losing three hours on the day to an actual storm. The irony wasn't lost on us. But Nathalie Pitters wasn’t phased and we worked with the weather instead of against it. The parachute was actually supposed to be inflated but – given the circumstances – was impossible on the day and, in the end, it was a primary PE lesson that saved the day. We all grabbed an edge, lifted it in the air and created ripples and airflow and Millie ran with it. It’s my favourite scene from the shoot."

PRO Credits


DirectorHannah Berry George
ProducerMel Giles
Production CompanyOdelay Films
Executive ProducerPrudence Beecroft
Production ManagerTara Sadeghi
Director of PhotographyNatalie Pitters
Focus PullerMilo Brown
GafferSimon Pranulyte
WardrobeRebekah Roy
Make-upNicki Bugs
EditorClaes Nordwell
ColouristNadia Khairat
Art DirectorAsh Halliburton

Rob Ulitski - 15th Oct 2020

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