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Orlando Weeks 'Blood Sugar' by Alexander Brown

David Knight - 21st Apr 2020

Faced with the demands of the Covid-19 lockdown, Orlando Weeks and director Alexander Brown have created an 'iso video' that embraces lo-fi experimentation with wonderfully hypnotic results.

Brown sent the ex-Maccabees bandmember a Canon 5D (maybe the one he used when he was launching his directing career a decade ago) for him to self-shoot his performance of Blood Sugar. He has taken that footage and run it through circuit mixers to create distorted visual effects. Weeks's head has become a disembodied graphic form, composed of lines of light, sometimes a sort of inverse sillhouette, other times a face caught in chiaroscuro-profile.   

This is Brown's first video since his James Blake video for If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead - another fascinating exercise in visual distortion. The current situation may have instigated it, but like his Blake video the results of the experimentation are not just lockdown-specific. They work entirely on their own terms.

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David Knight - 21st Apr 2020


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David Knight - 21st Apr 2020

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