Promonews - 31st Jan 2020

Obaro Ejimiwe aka Ghostpoet emerges from the darkness in this oozey, surreal nightmare directed by Thomas James.

This is a change-up from James' usual emphasis on narrative, but it is such a singular visceral performance video that is has its own emotional impact. With Ejimiwe performing while covered at times in a treacle-like substance, it's viscerally, uncomfortably gooey - beautifully shot by Diana Olifirova.  


"For me the track is about a sort of existential crises, a 4am dreamy panic that maybe most of the things we strive for are a little pointless.

I liked the idea of trying to embody this, in a nightmarish, reality bending world. Something contained, that made no sense, and felt like the disjointed textures of a moist nightmare. Something where dread was personified, and made you feel icky. A BDSM Get Your Own Back.

The idea of the reverse gravity for a singular character seamed great on paper, but obviously came with it's challenges. Everyone was amazing, and we eventually got to the point where we had to build two identical sets - one upside down, and then it's exact reflection, so we could stitch everything together. We also had to hang Obar upside down, and cover him in the ooze - which he was freakishly good at. Our lead female was an incredibly talented trapeze artist and contortionist - so it was great to let her run free and scale the sets in as many weird positions as she could muster.

Mainly I just enjoyed covering everything in black gunk though. It was a fun day.

PRO Credits


DirectorThomas James
ProducerJamie Gamache
ProducerConnor O'Hara
Production CompanyOB Productions
Executive ProducerSam Holmes
1st ADJoe Starrs
Director of PhotographyDiana Olifirova
Focus PullerDan Villanueva
2nd ACAdam Farquharson
GafferSimon Battensby
WardrobeCynthia Lawrence John
EditorJack Singer
ColouristJonny Tully
Editing companyHomespun
Post production companyAmp; Big Buoy
Post ProducerAlice Clark
VFX#039; Russell
ProductionLowkey Films
Director's RepresentationOB Management
CommissionerSean Mayo
Production designerJakob Gierse
Other creditsCamera & Electrical Assistant - Josh Armstrong Camera Trainee- Maks Belski Grip- Giovanni Mattei Production Assistant - Armstrong Nkosi Directors Assistant - Polly Millner Rigger - Chris Gough Art Assistant - Kate Parnell, Florence Dickens, Ieva Petraviciute HMU Designer - Lydia Ward - Smith BTS - Giulia Savorelli Colour Producer - Hannah Whitehall Cast: Lydia Norman

Promonews - 31st Jan 2020

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