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JP Cooper 'In These Arms' by Calum Macdiarmid

Rob Ulitski - 30th Jan 2020

JP Cooper reflects on past heartache in Calum Macdiarmid's video for In These Arms. 

Sat in the front seat of an abandoned car, JP is trapped in a lonely reality reflecting on memories of a better time. His partner sits in the other seat, within touching distance physically but emotionally in a whole separate world. Flashbacks to a better time, where the couple are kissing, embracing and sharing tender moments are intercut with the overwhelming negativity of the present situation.  

Calum Macdiarmid balances the light and dark of a relationship that, once filled with joy and affection, is beginning to feel loveless and claustrophobic. Building up to a climactic ending, it is both dramatic and affecting, and a beautiful interpretation of the music. 


The only way we were going to achieve was to do it for real.

“I was really interested in the duality of a relationship where it’s falling apart but you still love each other deeply. Rather than using dialogue or obvious actions, I thought the subtlety of body language would be the most effective way to capture those heartbreaking, paradoxical moments. Obviously, this gives way to some emotional fireworks towards the end, but I guess that’s the inevitability of a crumbling relationship.

”The only way we were going to achieve (the car drop) was to do it for real. That meant a huge crane, some smoke grenades, and a wilful passion for destruction! The shoot was utterly nailbiting, we only had those two cars and had to get it perfect it one take. Luckily it was a bright day with no wind and the stunt guys had the confidence of people that drop cars daily. We shot on a Phantom camera and I put a little move in post. I was surprised at how well the Mercedes came out of it actually – I thought it would flatten into the ground more, but it appeared in pretty good shape considering!”

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Rob Ulitski - 30th Jan 2020


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Calum Macdiarmid
Oliver Roskill
Production Company
Great Guns
Executive Producer
Tim Francis
1st AD
Tristan Hefele


Director of Photography
Max Witting


Jo Shippen
Ciara Mcdonald


Lead actor
Jp Cooper


Universal Music Group

Other credits

Agency Producer

Laura Clayton


Sean Matters SFX

Stunt Coordinator

Howard Tombs

Rob Ulitski - 30th Jan 2020

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