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Bombay Bicycle Club 'Racing Stripes' by Louis Bhose

Rob Ulitski - 6th Jan 2020

Following the brilliant one-take video for Everything Else Has Gone Wrong, Louis Bhose's bleak visual for Racing Stripes takes a more subtle and emotional approach. Under the frosty skies of Lofoten, Norway, the group lip-sync the track in an understated fashion as they battle the brutal weather conditions. 

Murren Tullett captures the stillness and beauty of the area with lingering landscape shots, meditating on the detail in every scene and enhancing the lonely and isolated character of the location. 


"I like making music videos because you can experiment with style and technique, and even though mine's pretty simple, I always look to other directors to see if I can crib any of their special sauce. Seeing as my vids tend to be pretty tightly shot listed and plotted, I thought I'd try a looser one. One where we take a simple concept and go somewhere and execute it as a team, creatively inspiring and engaging each other.

For the record, this might be a good way of making videos. However, I wouldn't recommend experimenting with the form when you're in the Arctic Circle in 35mph winds, soaked to the bone. Skeleton crew, freezing cold, with my pockets full of batteries and our producer holding lights aloft, it was definitely an experience. It was always intended to be a slightly bleak and frosty video, but I don't think I was expecting to put my foot in a frozen stream on the recce and be ill for the whole shoot. Huge props to the crew and band for carrying me (metaphorically) and being so creatively invested (literally)."

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Rob Ulitski - 6th Jan 2020


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Hayley Williams
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Hayley Williams


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Murren Tullett


Jack Williams
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Assembly Rooms


Jack McGinity
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Kuba Gurdak

Rob Ulitski - 6th Jan 2020

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