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Bombay Bicycle Club 'Everything Else Has Gone Wrong' by Louis Bhose

Rob Ulitski - 2nd Dec 2019

Bombay Bicycle Club's frontman Jack Steadman is having the day from Hell in Louis Bhose's emotional one-shot video for Everything Else Has Gone Wrong. 

From a bird's eye view perspective, we see Steadman in a mangled position as a variety of passers-by inexplicably start to kick and stomp on him, whilst rooting through what's left of his possessions and snatching them away. And as he continues to stare straight up at the camera and perform, the hustle and bustle around him is never ending, offering no respite from the evils of the world, even in his darkest hour.

And it gets really dark. The transition between each set of characters is clever, as ambulance workers attempt to save his life before he is unceremoniously wrapped in a plastic sheet and buried.

Ultimately, the core message is impossible to ignore: when you are down and out, some people will treat you like you no longer exist. But it's the people who lift you up and help dig you out of your (quite literal in this case) hole that are the true heroes. 

Echoing the vibe of Radiohead's Just from almost twenty-five years ago, this video is an updated and fresh take on the one-shot concept, packed full of intelligent imagery and emotional clout. 

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Rob Ulitski - 2nd Dec 2019


  • One shot video
  • Performance
  • Alternative, Indie Rock

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Louis Bhose
Lucy Bradley
Production Company
Executive Producer
Hayley Williams


Director of Photography
Murren Tullett


Art Director
Mimi Winsor


George Buxton


Jack McGinity
Colour grade company


Director's Representation
OB Management

Rob Ulitski - 2nd Dec 2019

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