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Sports Team 'The Races' by Lily Rose Thomas

Rob Ulitski - 17th Dec 2019

A beautiful wedding descends into utter chaos in Lily Rose Thomas' video for Sports Team. 

We all know a guy like it. He thinks he knows everything, hangs around far too long at social events and can make a room turn cold with just his presence. In the video for The Races, Alexander Arnold plays the worst version of this stereotype you could imagine. 

Immature and calculated, this characters starts fights over petty things, drinks far too much and wrecks the wedding cake, and that's just the start of it. 

Charmingly vintage and reminiscent of the home videos your parents have in the loft from their wedding, DoP Adam Barnett's intrusive and handheld cinematography creates a realistic and authentic feel. 


"The video for The Races is inspired by the lyrics of the song, which talk about a horrible Union Jack-toting man who you wouldn’t want to be stuck next to at a party. So, we set this at a dreadful wedding, with Sports Team as the wedding band. On the outside, the wedding looks like it should be nice. But fuelled by booze and the actions of one nasty character it descends into absolute chaos.

"Making this video was totally mad and incredibly fun. The cast stayed in character all day, and with an amazing set by Dale Slater and costumes by Astrid Dalton, it felt like we were actually at a wedding. Adam Barnett's cinematography really contributed to the total mayhem. We used two DV cameras, with the footage then printed onto 35mm film, meaning we could get right in our cast's faces, and also do really long takes leaving room for actors to really get into it.

"It really felt like we’d thrown a horrendous wedding - puke, fighting, crying and eating cake with your hands. Thanks to the Sports Team for letting us go totally wild."

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Rob Ulitski - 17th Dec 2019


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Lily Rose Thomas
India Bradshaw
Production Company
Executive Producer
Hayley Williams
1st AD
Jack Meredith


Director of Photography
Adam Barnett
Focus Puller
Shaka Agina


Art Director
Dale Oliver Slater


Astrid Dalton
Hair & Make-up
Jess Summer


Kit Wells
Editing company


Jonny Tully
Colour grade company
Big Buoy


Sam Flynn
Island Records


Film Laboratory

Rob Ulitski - 17th Dec 2019

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