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Mika 'San Remo' by WIZ

David Knight - 17th Oct 2019

Mika's San Remo is all upbeat sparking froth, about a Italian seaside town that was a popular destination for the beautiful people in the age of La Dolce Vita. But WIZ's video explores the flipside of that era, when homosexuality was illegal, and freedom of expression invited ruin.

WIZ uses brilliant technique and economy of shots to tell the story of a man who is caught between desire and fear - and features an excellent performance from Mika himself in the main role.

The use of a radio interview is crucial in establishing the scenario before we even here a note of the song. But when we do hear it, it becomes far more evocative and poignant as we already have some insight into Mika's character.  

WIZ has achieved this apparent alchemy before - transforming pop stars you may dismiss as being one-dimensional as intriguing, even heroic figures. But it does not make it any less remarkable when he does it. And this is a remarkable video - beautifully shot by Catherine Derry. It has a heart as big as San Remo itself. 

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David Knight - 17th Oct 2019


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Rob Jelley
Service Producer
Dominik Bunjevac
Production Company
My Accomplice
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Hello Captain, Croatia
Executive Producer
Bonnie Anthony
Executive Producer
Imogen Harrison


Director of Photography
Catherine Derry


Leena Mistry


Ed Hanbury
Editing company
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Tatyana Alexandra


Richard Fearon


Post production company
Post Producer
Tamara Mennell

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Angelo Cola & Aldo Alessio

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Tom Sichel

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Voiceover Soho

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John Purcell

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Guilt Free Post

David Knight - 17th Oct 2019

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