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Slaves 'One More Day Won't Hurt' by Will Hooper

Ned Botwood - 16th Oct 2019

Neck your pint. Snap your pool cue. Are you seeing red yet? Then you’re ready to watch Will Hooper’s furious fever dream for Slaves.

One More Day Won’t Hurt is the punk duo’s missive on a very specific kind of geezer — a “small town thug” banging his chest and necking lines outside your local. In the violent visual, Will Hooper skewers toxic masculinity with a bloody broadside of images: skin, nails, collisions, slops and viscera.

This represents a brave and abrupt shift of gear for Will Hooper, he of domestic wit and charming homemade props. The young director is the current darling of slacker rock. In his frequently hilarious videos for Idles, Marika Hackman, Our Girl and APRE, Hooper settles on a distinctly millennial sense of apathy and malaise. But in his latest video, the anger is uncomfortably tangible. It’s as if Slaves, Hooper and you, the viewer, are all thinking of the same person.

The video aims to evoke the chaos of a violent nightmare.

The video was shot by Jamie Harding on Super-16mm, Mini DV and a variety of “silly and wonderful” cameras including an Infrared Cam — in moments, you are literally seeing red. Sam Allen’s gonzo edit is a highlight, building to a climax so fervid they needed to add a leisurely credits sequence, if only to allow the ringing in your ears to subside.

"The vid aims to evoke the chaos of a violent nightmare," Hooper explains. "A feverish vision of toxic masculinity that feels like metal pins through flesh whilst necking a pint of Red Bull."

Job done.

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Ned Botwood - 16th Oct 2019


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Will Hooper
Rosie Brear
Production Company
Executive Producer
Laura Northover


Director of Photography
Jamie Harding


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Dan Moran


Post production company
MPC London

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Saskia Dixie


Aaron Westhead


Henry Gunn

Ned Botwood - 16th Oct 2019

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