Rob Ulitski - 22nd Aug 2019

Kasper Häggström focusses on a father-daughter road trip in his video for Flyte, to tell a distinctive story about the need to move on with your life - and introduces a brilliantly quirky device to deliver the message.

The daughter is off to college, and dad is driving her there, through English countryside and seaside, towards the big city. With the deceptively bright and nostalgic sound of Flyte's I Still Believe In You, this is about small moments, to be cherished in the future. There is something both slightly heartbreaking about the wordless relationship between the two of them - beautifully played by Mike Wozniak as distracted dad, and Eloise Thomas as dreamy daughter.

But in a quirky, inspired and arguably symbolic choice, their journey takes place in a car that's quite special: it's a double fronted Rover 75 - a unique custom-built curiosity, which the eagle-eyed may notice appeared in an AA commercial a few years back. The choice of vehicle mirrors the themes of the visual, and represents the nostalgic yearning for the past yet bright optimism for the future the characters share. 

And together with his DoP Kristian Engelsen, Norwegian director Häggström (director of the MVA-winning video for Kelly Lee Owens' Throwing Lines) creates a distinctive outsider's look at England. Soaked in natural light and vivid colour, Engelsen's cinematography is richly evocative. and feels like an old home movie, amping the nostalgia up to 11 whilst suggesting an almost comfortable reminder of home.


"The creative freedom from the band, label and management made the whole process of making this really enjoyable. Once we had a conversation with the band and the trust was there that we were aligned creatively, and they in turn put their trust in me to deliver the film.

"Working with a small dedicated team and striking luck with finding the absolute perfect double-sided car was also a factor. It was really a privilege to shoot in the English coast & countryside."

PRO Credits


DirectorKasper Häggström
ProducerAws Al-jezairy
Executive ProducerMorgan Clement
Executive ProducerDom Thomas
Director of PhotographyKristian Engelsen
Focus PullerJames Wicks
EditorKasper Häggström
Lead actorMike Wozniak
Lead actorEloise Thomas
LabelIsland Records
Other creditsSpecial Thanks: Gerry Lloyd

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Aug 2019

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