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10lec6 'Ayong Ya Yop' by Felix Brady

10lec6 'Ayong Ya Yop' by Felix Brady

David Knight - 22nd Nov 2018

Felix Brady's video for disco-punk collective 10Lec6, is a singular, mindbending story of human obsession. In a dystopian future world, a sole worker is driven to extract apparently valuable beads of metal, for some mysterious, possibly spiritual purpose.

It's wildly experimental, intense, visually engrossing and entirely in keeping with the deeply unconventional, swirling sounds of 10Lec6's track Ayong Ya Yop. It was shot over the course of several days in Kazakhstan - quite a challenge for Brady, who hadn't shot outside of the UK before. And the result is outstanding.


"This track did not conform to traditional patterns of musical pace. Its form was constantly changing, from deep moaning bass synths to Afro-induced metallica - it was truly entrancing, and almost schizophrenic as it unfolded. As a result it gave me gaps and tonal changes that offered a huge opportunity for an experimental visual. These paradoxical motifs inspired me to create the story of a central conflicted character within a dystopian future world.

"Everything I had ever shot up until then had been UK based and set within a relatively normal backdrop so it was exciting to create a world outside of that. I wanted to make an unforgiving world that didn't care about the protagonist. Kazakhstan with its arid landscapes was perfect for this, it's also provided our incredible lead who despite not speaking a word of English carried the role perfectly.

"This was truly a blood, sweat and tears job. We had limited crew and resources, and only one week to recce and shoot. From reloading 35mm film in blizzard conditions to meandering our way past wild bulls in Almaty’s largest landfill, and accidentally flying our drones in government-restricted areas to eating horse meat; it was all a truly remarkable experience which I will never forget.

"The final film is there to be experienced like a short film. Despite not knowing where he was or where he's going I want the audience to come up with their own compelling explanations."

Watch '10lec6 'Ayong Ya Yop' by Felix Brady' here

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David Knight - 22nd Nov 2018


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Felix Brady
Martha McGuirk
Production Company
Executive Producer
Katie Lambert


Director of Photography
Isaac Eastgate


Felix Brady


Joseph Bicknall
Colour grade company


Director's Representation


Greg Panteix
Ed Banger

Other credits

Service Company


Executive Producer

Kirill Roschin


Yerkebulan Kurishbayev

Talent Agency


Zharylkassynuly Yerzhan

Location Manager

Abdulkhakov Rustamjyon

Camera Unit

Stanislav Samoilov

Drone Op

Oleg Grechihin

Sound Design

Jack Patterson @Wave Studios

Thanks To Arri Rental And Harriet Cannon

Cinelab London

Andy Hudson

Aarti Mahani

Paul Dean

David Knight - 22nd Nov 2018

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