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Rosalía 'Di Mi Nombre (Cap.8: Éxtasis)' by Henry Scholfield

Promonews - 13th Nov 2018

Having burst into our consciousness with Malamente and Piensu En Tu Mira, Flamenco-pop queen Rosalía moves from her collaboration with UKMVAs' Best Directors CANADA to Henry Scholfield, the Best Pop Video UK winner of the past two years, for her stunning third video...

And after Augurio and Celos, we've arrived at Éxtasis (or Ecstasy) for Di Mi Nombre, as we follow Rosalía on a pas de deux with the camera, recounting a story of a single sexual encounter, through its stages of passion, in a series of long take sequences. With Scholfield working with choreographer Charm La Donna, this is a journey through the spectrum of emotions - fantasy, doubt, lust – of un amor brujo (a bewitched love).

it opens with a contemporary take on a controversial masterpiece - Goya's La Maja, which he painted twice, with the subject clothed in one, and nude in the other. Rosalía, on the bed that is focus of most of the action, is most certainly clothed here, and there's barely any flesh on show. But the sexuality, passion, and lust, is all there from start to finish. You just need to understand the language to fully appreciate it.

Scholfield says: “I’d heard Rosalía’s music back in January. I was enamoured by the raw, soulfulness of it and when we met it made sense. She’s got a kind of deep river of emotion that runs through her, so for us it was just a case of finding the way to dip into it and translate it to screen.”

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Promonews - 13th Nov 2018


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Henry Scholfield
Production Company
Executive Producer
Alfonso Cazalilla


Director of Photography
Alexis Zabe


Soki Mak


Charm La Donna


Craig Quinlan
Editing company
Cartel Editorial


Xavi Santolaya


Post production company
Exit Consultores Audiovisuales


Post Supervisor
Laura Escribano
Post Supervisor
Angélica Roma
Production Services
La Panda Productions

Promonews - 13th Nov 2018

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