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Ray Blk 'Mama' by Joshua Neale

Promonews - 1st Nov 2018

A surprise performance by Ray Blk for her mother in their local church, becomes a tribute to motherhood in general in Joshua Neale's lovely video for Mama.

As well as documenting the performance at Rye Chapel in Peckham, south east London - which ends with Ray's mum getting some time on the mic - Neale also captures moments with a range of mothers from the area in their homes, doing what mums do, cleverly worked through the main event by editor Max Windows.

Uplifting, emotional stuff, and very good work by everyone concerned.


"I love the track because it manages to be both intensely personal and honest but still uplifting and celebratory. It feels contemporary, unique to Ray but also kind of classic.

"I wanted to reflect that in the video both in tone and look. I wanted to make a film that came from the same place as Ray and felt specific to her and her Mum. So the idea was that Ray would perform the track directly to her Mum in a church in South East London. Ray used to sing in church choirs growing up and the church is a huge part her Mum’s life and beliefs. We wanted it to be like the kind of services they would have experienced together so cast real church goers to be part of the congregation and set it up like a service.

"The plan was that her Mum wouldn't know that Ray would be performing the song to her until it was happening so there would be that genuine, heartfelt emotion both in Ray’s performance and her Mum’s reaction. It was kind of scary and exciting not knowing how she would react but we did everything possible to protect that genuine moment and make sure we captured it. It felt pretty special to witness the emotion and connection between the two of them.

"Of course while very personal to Ray and her upbringing you can interpret the song as a celebration of Mothers everywhere. Their sacrifices, everyday hardships, their unquestioning and special love. So we street cast real Mums from SE London and took a very small crew into their real homes to capture intimate moments between the Mothers and their Children. It was quite amazing how they opened their lives to us. Visually we wanted these moments to have a more evocative, poetic feel but still be grounded in authenticity. I think the DoP Joe Cook did a beautiful job. I like that these moments makes the film more universal in it’s emotion and hopefully relatable."

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Promonews - 1st Nov 2018


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Joshua Neale
Jamie Silk
Emily Lucienne
Production Company


Director of Photography
Joe Cook
Camera operator
Tom Goudsmit


Seth Crosby


Art Director
James Soldan


Nikki Ranger
Hair & Make-up
Lauren Palmer


Max Windows
Editing company


Joseph Bicknell
Colour grade company


Director's Representation
OB Management


Caroline Clayton

Other credits


Emily Lucienne And Joshua Neale

Street Casting

Emily Lucienne, Amber Felix And Irene Waireri

Promonews - 1st Nov 2018

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