David Knight - 24th Nov 2017

Sevdaliza mourns the sudden death of her lover in the sensual, dreamlike drama for Hear My Pain Heal, a triumphant return to music videos by Ian Pons Jewell.

In this labour of love project, shot in Italy, Pons Jewell establishes a powerfully cinematic atmosphere before introducing a brilliant visual motif to symbolise the departure of the soul of the deceased, but above all the video belongs to the smouldering, body and soul-bearing presence of Sevdaliza herself. 


GafferFabio Bonizzoni
DirectorIan Pons Jewell
Production CompanyWithstand In Association With Time Based Arts
Production CompanyHamlet
Executive ProducerDavide Ferazza (withstand), Jason Felstead
Executive ProducerRuben Goots (hamlet)
Production ManagerYuri Tartari Pucci
1st ADAlessandro Stellari
Director of PhotographyMauro Chiarello
Focus PullerPaolo Gobbi
2nd ACGiovanni Fiormarino
ProducerIlaria Celeghin
Art DirectorMichela Natella
WardrobeFrancesca Cefis
HairAdriano Cattide
Make-upLucia Giacomin
EditorGaia Borretti
ColouristSimone Grattarola
VFXSam Napper (producer), Stephen Grasso (lead), Sam Osborne (supervisor)
Lead actorSevdaliza, Imola Gaspar, Omer Bila
LabelTwisted Elegance
Director's Rep (UK)FRIEND

David Knight - 24th Nov 2017

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