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Metaxas 'Sirens' by Savvas Stavrou

Luke Bather - 22nd June 2017

Savvas Stavrou directs a beautiful, emotive one-take clip for Metaxas.

The beachside clip plays out in reverse and shows a transperson experiencing extreme grief during the magic hour. It's a gorgeous, harrowing and beautifully paced set piece that unfolds effortlessly over the five minute runtime, managing to feel very raw and fresh despite the meticulous planning on the part of Stavrou and crew.



"Sirens by Metaxas is an ode to faith and love above all obstacles. It alludes to life as a siren's call with all its temptations, yet speaks about remaining faithful despite these distractions. We shot on a secluded beach with limited resources, rehearsing the action for the entire day before hitting magic hour. I mapped out the emotional beats of the song, and by carefully calculating where these would land in reverse, we were able to capture and build on them in the actual take. I couldn't have asked for a better team of people to help me achieve this.

"For me it is a song of both hope and despair, and I wanted to capture this double-sided emotion by reversing a single take, giving it double meaning through a cyclical narrative. My aim was to convey the power of time, memory and acceptance, and to give a voice to an underrepresented side of the LGBT community.

"It is an important subject matter that requires more awareness, as the current LGBT climate focuses more on the youthful side of the Trans world and forgets the people who passed on the baton all these years."

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Luke Bather - 22nd June 2017


  • Director's notes
  • Drama
  • One shot video
  • Indie, singer-songwriter
  • Beach

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Savvas Stavrou
James Dearden
Production Company
Executive Producer
Jack Lightfoot
1st AD
Oscar Guglielmone


Director of Photography
Aaron Rogers
Focus Puller
Klim Jurevicious
2nd AC
Austin Phillips


Art Director
Anna Papa


Lead actor
Roy Boyd


Joseph Bicknell
Colour grade company

Other credits


Ethan Iveson & Hannah Boyd

Luke Bather - 22nd June 2017

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