Luke Bather - 27th Apr 2017

Clara Aranovich directs an emotional love story steeped in science fiction mystery for Isaac Gracie.

The US-based director made the trip over to the UK to shoot a sweet, surreal story wherein all young girls seemingly in the entire country fall under some strange catatonic spell. Focussing mostly on a primary school and its pupils, we see as a young boy tries with moderate success to awaken his friend.

The clip shares a cinematic aesthetic laid out in films like Another Earth, or shows like The OA - tapping into otherworldly ideas of ascension in a beautifully paced short narrative piece.


"Upon repeated listening to the refrain, "Darling, I'm not OK," these are the images that surfaced in my mind. There is a profound, existential melancholy with which many of us are living these days, in light of current events.

"While some may feel this a sad story, because parting ways with people we love is sad; to me this is a tale of hope, a tale about escaping a world that has shown little care for your wellbeing, autonomy, body, and future."

PRO Credits


DirectorClara Aranovich
ProducerMatt Klemera
Production CompanyGas&Electric
1st ADLouis Barron
Director of PhotographyAnn Evelin Lawford
Focus PullerKarl Hui
2nd ACMichael Mcinally
Art DirectorStefania Zissi
EditorElena De Palma
Editing companyWhitehouse Post
ColouristOisín O’Driscoll
VFXJohn Bashyam @ Warm’n’fuzzy
Lead actorJames Gillespie, Ana Burgess
CommissionerJames Hackett
LabelVirgin EMI
Other creditsPM: Vanessa Mc Donnell 2nd AD: Ali Hopper Art Department Asst: Julia Beer Opening/Ending Graphics Courtesy Of: ESA/Hubble (M. Kornmesser)

Luke Bather - 27th Apr 2017

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