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The Moonlandingz ft Rebecca Taylor 'The Strangle Of Anna' by Dawn Shadforth

David Knight - 22nd Mar 2017

Preparation for Dawn Shadforth's video for Fat White Family side project The Moonlandingz, featuring Rebecca Taylor from Slow Club, apparently involved lead singer Johnny Rocket (aka FWF's Lias Saoudi) staying up for five days before the shoot. Then he attached fried eggs to his nipples with clingfilm.

His co-star Rebecca is not dressed quite as imaginatively, but looks like she's been up for a few days herself. She and Lias project a kind of uneasy chemistry that bring to mind Uma Thurman and John Travolta dancing to Chuck Berry in Pulp Fiction. If they had been in a Chinese restaurant cum karaoke bar in Dalston in the middle of a bender, that is.  

It was shot on film by esteemed DoP Robbie Ryan, who's recent feature work includes American Honey and I, Daniel Blake. But you just don't get to do this sort of thing working with Ken Loach.

DAWN SHADFORTH: "I found out about Moonlandingz through a love of Fat White Family. All paths, for me inevitably lead back to Sheffield. When Dean asked me if I was interested in making a video I couldn't say no, even though I was suffering with a concussion at the time, or perhaps because I was. 

"Moonlandingz were one of the best live bands I've seen for years. Having seen Lias and Rebecca performing I sensed I wouldn't have to do very much to show off their brilliance. I wanted to make a simple, old-fashioned performance video and to shoot the film stock that was going off in my fridge. We had 3 hours to shoot and 5 rolls of film and we were all home in time for tea. It's a video that's not really a video for a band who are not really a band."

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David Knight - 22nd Mar 2017


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Dawn Shadforth
Elly Camisa
Production Company
Executive Producer
Hannah Turnbull-Walter
Executive Producer
Denna Cartamkhoob


Director of Photography
Robbie Ryan


Ted Dogliani


Production designer
Shaun Fenn


Magdalena Plugowska
Editing company
Edit Producer
Tatyana Alexandra


Jack McGinty
Colour grade company
Time Based Arts


Best Boy Electrician
Leo Dogliani
Wardrobe Assistant
Connie Rosenthal

David Knight - 22nd Mar 2017

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