Luke Bather - 18th Jan 2017

I wonder if Carlos Lopez Estrada ever imagined his career would include a 'Sheep Choreography' credit. I'm sure within his eclectic repertoire and his increasingly far-reaching collaborations with Watsky he must be aware now that anything is possible.

Set in a cartoonish dreamscape inside a kid's head, Watsky plays the shepherd of the sheep the young boy must have been counting in order to get to sleep in the first place (because someone's gotta look after them, right?!) It starts out harmoniously enough - sheep choreography et al – but unfortunately for Watsky it all seems to go awry quite quickly.

Sheep die left, right and centre before being resurrected in a nightmarish fashion. None of that seems to bother the little kid though...


DirectorCarlos Lopez Estrada
ProducerKimberly Stuckwisch
Director of PhotographyAlbert Salas
Production designerFernanda Guerrero
EditorTaylor Brusky
VFXRyan Ross
VFXAndres Jaramillo
Additional VFXTanner Merrill
AnimationDanny Madden
Sound designMichael O'Connor
ColouristTyler Roth
2nd Unit DoPAlonso Mejia
Executive ProducerIan Blair
Executive ProducerKimberly Stuckwisch
Executive ProducerCorinna Martinez
Executive ProducerAlonso Mejía Silva
Production CompanyDiktator
Director's Rep (UK)Martin Roker at Black Dog Films
Other creditsSheep Costumes Design: Cristina Bercovitz Sheep Costumes Construction: Cristina Bercovitz and Annie Chernecky Interlude Music composer: John W. Snyder Young boy: David Guerrero Sheep performers: Bryan Cárdenas, Horacio Balanzario, Miguel Sánchez Urueta, Antonio Soria Sheep Stunts: Avelino Lugo Sheep choreography: Carlos Lopez Estrada

Luke Bather - 18th Jan 2017

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