David Knight - 22nd Jan 2016

Emile Sornin is back with a video for The Shoes that'll possibly make you think twice about that cheeky Nando's you've been promising yourself.

Or maybe not. 1960s Horror starts with the grisly truth about the poultry business, the huge industrial scale of chcken production and consumption - which of course includes the terrible, shaming treatment of the poor creatures. Then it gets even more extreme, a prediction of the next stage of mankind's greed and stupidity.

And then comes the revenge - which is sweet, but also tastes of chicken...  

It's Chickenzilla!

PRO Credits


DirectorÉmile Sornin
Production CompanyDivision
ProducerRoman Pichon Herrera
CommissionerPierre Le Ny
Line ProducerGilles Pinaudau
Director of PhotographyJulien Meurice
Service CompanyRomeo&Fils
Executive ProducerMartin Henri
EditorEmilie Aubry
Post production companyHome Digital Pictures
VFX CompanyMathematic
Sound designThéo Josso
Other creditsArchives: My Ready Make Sound design assistant: Ferdinand Mesnier Thanks: Tom Lindsay, Helmi, Jules de Chateleux, Clémence Cuvelier, Arno Moria and One More prod

David Knight - 22nd Jan 2016

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