Cat Velez - 29th Oct 2015

Richard Hunter has created this wicked one-shot video for London indie rock band Zibra's Wasted Days set in a north London bowling alley, following a woman as she beomes possessed by the song and as strolls through place, gets lots more people to join in on the fun. 

And for Richard, it meant achieving a long-held ambition, as he explains below, eventually... 


"According to the Guinness World Records, Japan is home of the largest bowling alley in the world: Inazawa Grand Bowling Centre is majestic in scope, it's ethereal one hundred and sixteen lanes appear eternal in length, an almost untapped Odyssey for those who enjoy listening to the warm hollow tones of echoing wood bouncing around a large urethane ball. Who's only purpose in life is to gracefully navigate it's way back and forth across room, gliding unseen beneath the varnished lanes, rolling smoothly back out into the world - ending with a stylish pop as it spins out from conveyor belt heaven and into the dizzying grip of two swollen fingers; accompanied by a legendary thumb and one hell of a sweaty palm; all belonging and attached to the hand of some slippery soled beer soaked assailant, one who will take great pleasure in repeating, with almost pin point superstitious precision, the whole bone marrow rumbling action all over again. 

"However that is somewhat irrelevant as we shot this music video in Finsbury Park. It's an amazing location, a stunning building, both inside and out, with wonderful charm and character that just flows from every inch of it's sticky neon core. A place I have always, always, always wanted to shoot in; and now I have, so I feel very lucky, and I really truly couldn't have done one morsel of it without the help of my amazing cast and crew, who worked insanely hard throughout the night to help bring every second of the film to life."

PRO Credits


DirectorRichard Hunter
ProducerPeter Lee Scott
Production CompanyAsylum Films
Executive ProducerBen Falk
1st ADDani Garcia
Director of PhotographyTom Turley
Focus PullerThomas Nicholson
GafferJoel Rainsley
Art DirectorVicente Ben
HairRuth Pease
Make-upRuth Pease
Director's RepresentationOB Management
CommissionerElizabeth Doonan
Production AssistantDiana Tatarca
SteadicamDanny Bishop
SparkMatt Vahey
SparkSteve Grant
Other creditsRunner : Adam Chesnutt, Raffaele Nocerino, Nathalie Abbott HMU Assistant: Fiona Alexander

Cat Velez - 29th Oct 2015

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