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The Shoes ft. Blaine Harrison 'Submarine' by Karim Huu Do

Cat Velez - 27th Oct 2015

Karim Huu Do's video for The Shoe's track Submarine is an icy, unsettling, brilliantly composed piece which ventures into uncanny and disturbing territory.

Following an intimate scene between a couple that leads to a secret agreement, the video's strange vibe builds with scenes of increasingly nighmarish nature, with the young woman experiencing some sort of posession as the dazed man looks on, surrounded by featureless faces.

Karim Huu Do told DAZED: "I remember watching Altered States when I was a kid, it’s a movie about a scientist that wants to find a way to return to his first soul and to achieve it, he makes different experiments, one of them being the use of hallucinogens.

"I guess when I listened to the track it made me remember the feeling I had when I saw it. The slow tempo, the nonchalance in the surreal lyrics, everything in this song made me think about how you experience a drug. So I went into exploring the physical and mental state you go through when you’re taking substance. More precisely how the dopamine is released in your brain in the process called 'brain reward' and how drugs interfere with it. 

"All together it makes the story you see in this film; a couple that experience a drug. While one is losing control of his mind, the other is losing control of her body."


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Cat Velez - 27th Oct 2015


  • Post
  • Surreal
  • VFX
  • Electro-rock
  • Horror
  • Brutalist
  • Modernist
  • Posession
  • Flying

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Karim Huu Do
Zico Judge
Production Company
Executive Producer
Celine Roubaud


Director of Photography
Kristof Brandl
Director of Photography
Christophe Colette


Maud Dupuy


Daniel de Vue
Colour grade company


Post production company
Glassworks London


Pierre Le Ny


Line Producer
Benjamin Zorilla
Special Thanks
Twentyfour-Seven Spain

Other credits


Mireia Oriol, Juan Milan

Cat Velez - 27th Oct 2015

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