Cat Velez - 29th Sept 2015

Lemar takes to the stage in Love Turned Hate, with a tune that explores a painful theme in a relatively upbeat way. The blue-tinged visuals see the singer performing up stage, while centre stage, we see a relationship that has run its course.

The contrast between the happy, loved-up days of the couple in their youth against their troubled middle-age makes for a saddening watch. But the video allows for Lemar's heartening, sympathetic tone to come out on top, making the dramatic elements perhaps easier to bear. 


"For Love Turned Hate, we wanted to achieve the combination of a truly classic performance from Lemar, so to match the nostalgic sound of his record, alongside the portrayal of a broken relationship. By creating our own space, we were able to take the story out of the real world and present it in an unusual and interesting way.

"Our aim was to show how a relationship is more than the sum of its parts and how memories alone do not create a happy home. Love exists in the past, present and future but often we can only realise what is happening right now. The concept wouldn't have even been possible without the hard work and hustle of everyone involved. It was undisputedly a team effort!"


DirectorCrooked Cynics
ProducerGemma Hall
Production CompanyCrossfire Productions
Director of PhotographyCharlie Goodger
1st ADBailey Marks
2nd ADAlix Williams
Movi OperatorAlfie Biddle
Focus PullerToby Goodger
Camera AssistantSasha Bajac
GafferDan McCormick
SparkJack Knott
SparkElliott Crawford
RiggerPeter Kalopsidiotis
Art DirectorEmma Winter
Assistant Art DirectorTessa McCall
Assistant Art DirectorCarina Dewhurst
Stylist (Artist)Anthony Lewis
Make-up (Artist)Freddie Stopler
Make-up AssistantGaby Winwood
WardrobeSusan Kulkarni
RunnerWill Raymonde
RunnerHarry Parker
RunnerBecca Mably
EditorCrooked Cynics
ColouristMark Meadows
Grading companySmoke & Mirrors
Director's RepresentationLock It In
Other creditsYoung Female: Catarina Mira Young Male: Adam Rojko Older Female: Jo Price Older Male: Paul Tunnicliffe

Cat Velez - 29th Sept 2015

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