Cat Velez - 8th Sept 2015

Matt Halsall has expressed his anger and indignation at the result of the UK General Election in May through this cri de coeur for Darkstar's Pin Secure. There is no subtle insinuation to be found here. The dizzyingly immoderate storyline sees burnt-out shop workers tormented by a sexually and psychologically abusive boss (reimagined as an evil Koala Bear) and a monstrous, animalistic ruling class. Clearly Matt Halsall has a bone to pick...


"The 'hard working' people of Britain are tricked on a daily basis to hate asylum seekers, immigrants and 'benefit cheats', not tax-dodging corporations or corrupt politicians. I wanted to somehow reflect the bleak, devastating reality of this in a video that could not be anything other than shocking, vile and attention grabbing."

PRO Credits


DirectorMatt Halsall
ProducerRhory Danniells
1st ADRhory Danniells
Director of PhotographySverre Sørdal
Focus PullerBen Hoy-slot
GafferAmy Rixon
Art DirectorPaulina Rzeszowska
Make-upLisa Clarke
ColouristMartin Fickling
VFXLeigh Cranston
LabelWarp Records

Cat Velez - 8th Sept 2015

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