slenderbodies 'Arrival' by Savannah Setten

Hot off the heels of their first collaboration for Belong, director Savannah Setten reunites with slenderbodies for another captivating video - filmed within the confines of a high …

Rob Ulitski - 2 months ago


Art School Girlfriend 'Moon' by Luke Tierney

Luke Tierney, more commonly known as exective prodcuer and head of music at FRIEND in London, makes his directing debut with this effective one-shot video for electro-pop artist Art School Girlfriend.

Promonews - 9th July 2018


Rone ft Noga Erez 'Wave' by Greg Barth

Artist and filmmaker Greg Barth explores intimacy in an increasingly digitized world in this thought-provoking music video for French electronic producer, Rone.  Concepts of virtual sex …

Promonews - 5th June 2018


Bonobo 'No Reason' by Oscar Hudson

Watch in amazement as Oscar Hudson messes with your perceptions in this single-take journey for Bonobo's No Reason - Hudson's first video since joining Pulse Films.

Luke Bather - 19th Jan 2017

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The Promonews Roundup


Gilligan Moss 'Ceremonial' by Oscar Hudson

Oscar Hudson collaborates again with Gilligan Moss, following up his impressive video for Choreograph, and this one for Ceremonial is another engaging and strange affair working …

Cat Velez - 24th Sept 2015


Darkstar 'Pin Secure' by Matt Halsall

Matt Halsall has expressed his anger and indignation at the result of the UK General Election in May through this cri de coeur for Darkstar's Pin Secure. There is …

Cat Velez - 8th Sept 2015


Clark 'Winter Linn' by Christopher Hewitt

As befits an electronic artist as artistically pure as Clark, Chris Hewitt's visual interpretation of Winter Linn is an hypnotic and uncompromising experiment. Interpreting the …

David Knight - 20th Nov 2014


Duologue 'Memex' by Marshmallow Laser Feast

Visual innovators Marshmallow Laser Feast are featured in the Barbican's current Digital Revolutions exhibition, and their new work - for Duologue's track Memex – is also breaking …

David Knight - 9th Sept 2014

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