Jimmy Brown - 28th May 2014

Emil Nava and his team of puppeteers deliver this charming and fun promo for Ed Sheeran's big summer single Sing - out on Sunday.

Ed (the puppet) and his mates commence on a debauched night out - only to interrupt the real-life Sheeran and Pharrell Williams who are in the process of making a music video...

PRO Credits


DirectorEmil Nava
Production CompanyLondon Alley
ProducerDanyi Deats
Executive ProducerLanette Phillips
Executive ProducerLuga Podesta
Executive ProducerBrandon Bonfiglio
Director of PhotographyStarr Whitesides
EditorNate Tam
ColouristMarshall Plante
Director's RepresentationOB Management
LabelAtlantic Records
CommissionerDan Curwin
Puppet DesignBJ Guyer
Puppet DesignSteve Trop
PuppeteerBJ Guyer
PuppeteerRob Saunders
PuppeteerKate Katz
Puppet WranglerSteve Trop
ColouristTrevor Durtschi

Jimmy Brown - 28th May 2014

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