David Knight - 19th Dec 2013

Astronomy meets astrology meets Metronomy in Edouard Salier's gorgeous video for the mesmerizing I'm Aquarius.

There's a healthy nod to the sci-fi book cover art of Chris Foss, and a quaintly retro view of all things intergalactic, as Edouard and his team takes Metronomy mainman Joe Root to the planet of his dreams, via a combination of in-camera and digital effects. 

PRO Credits


DirectorEdouard Salier
Production CompanySomesuch
Production CompanyIconoclast
ProducerLee Groombridge
Executive ProducerTim Nash
Production ManagerPeter Arboine
1st ADJames Dyer
2nd ADDanny Groombridge
Director of PhotographyArnau Valls
Focus PullerDan West
2nd ACDeepa Keshvala
GripSid Jones
Production designerJon Henson
StylistTina Kalivas
HairVi Sapyyapy
Make-upAdrien Pinault
Art DirectorFrançois Peyranne
EditorSylvie Landra
EditorFred Olzak
CommissionerJane Third
CommissionerThe Creators Project
Executive ProducerSally Campbell
Other creditsHead of Music: Natasha Tan Runner: Josh Andrews Casting : Kharmel Cochrane & Philippe Ekobi Projection Technical Director: John Montague Media Servers: James Baker Models & SFX : Evolution vfx & Mattes & Miniatures Concept Designs : Painting Practice Behind the Scenes: Steve Shaw Digital Painter : Fabien Roumazeilles Look development/Lead compositors: Xavier Reyé, Julien Michel, Damien Martin Compositing artists : Michel Charpentier, Fabrice Fernandez Previs Artist : Yvan Ngnodjom Roto supervision : Ronald Grauer Roto Artist : Laureline Silan, Javier Garcia del Rio, Min-Hui CHANG Assitant editor : Aurélien Merlhès, Vincent Ausefage, Aurélie Lafitte Conformation : Jean-Matthieu Seneca In Out : Amandine Moulinet, Tom Doumaux, Romain Moussel, Maxime Laurent One light grading : Julien Bodart, Maeva Drouin, Arnaud Laurent, Anne-Sophie Queneuille Final Grading : Didier Lefouest Visual effects producer : David Danesi Post-production managers : Emmanuelle Morel, Vincent Leroy Planning : Laurence Pullinger

David Knight - 19th Dec 2013

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