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Travis 'Moving' by Wriggles & Robins

David Knight - 4th July 2013

Travis's video for Moving features a delightfully different form of moving image - a series of animations that appear out of the cold air breath of the members of the band. And it was all done in real-time - no post production whatsoever.  

It's the result of the combined expertise of filmmakers Wriggles & Robins (London creatives Tom Wrigglesworth and Tom Robinson), and VFX artists at ther motion design studio at (appropriately) the Moving Picture Company. An animated story was created, then projected - then made visible by the band's breath, and captured on camera.

MPC’s extensive creature library was harnessed for animal structures – their designs were then evolved and altered to be unique to the film. The animations were created in cycles, then looped and composited in After Effects. The best takes in the edit could be selected to work out the framing. The 3D camera movements and additional 3D components were created using Cinema 4D.

MPC’s VFX supervisor Bernat Amengual says: “We’re always on the look out for new creative talent, so Wriggles and Robins were already on our radar. Putting them together with a band of the stature of Travis, and being able to marry their ingenious and beautiful projection idea with an equally and typically innovative track, was the kind of opportunity which doesn’t come along that often. A perfect creative coupling. We think the results are stunning.”

Travis’s Fran Healy says: “Everyone on set became 5 years old, wide eyed, all day, watching real magic. Lot's of ooohs and aahhs. It was very cool.”


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David Knight - 4th July 2013


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Wriggles and Robins
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VFX Supervisor
Bernat Amengual
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David Knight - 4th July 2013

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