Fleet Foxes 'Fool's Errand' by Sean Pecknold

Sean Pecknold has collaborated with production designer Adi Goodrich and choreographer Steven Reker on the Fleet Foxes video for Fool's Errand - the band's first since 2011 – and …

David Knight - 29th May 2017

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The Promonews Roundup


BTS SPECIAL: Youth Hymns on Vant's Fly-By Alien

Youth Hymns' new video for Vant's Fly-By Alien is the latest salvo in the British directing team's crusade to grab the eyeballs of the nation with mind-bogglingly arresting visuals. …

David Knight - 24th Feb 2016


Metronomy 'Month Of Sundays' by Callum Cooper

With a background as a visual artist and documentarian Callum Cooper, just signed to Good Egg in London, has now made his debut music video for Metronomy's Month Of Sundays. And …

David Knight - 11th Sept 2014


Basement Jaxx 'Never Say Never' by Saman Kesh

It's the near future, and the drop-off in proper dancing by humans is killing the flame of passion that keeps the human race going. So a Japanese couple decide to do something about …

David Knight - 25th July 2014


BANKS 'Drowning' by Mike Piscitelli

In his video for BANKS' Drowning, Mike Piscitelli has put the sole focus on the singer – in actual fact, an infinite number of BANKSes, as she finds herself surrounded …

Luke Tierney - 17th June 2014


London Grammar 'Nightcall' by André Chocron

From start to finish everything about André Chocron's video for London Grammar's Nightcall is simply dreamy. The premise is loose and languid, seamlessly shifting the focus from the …

Luke Tierney - 5th Dec 2013


Rejjie Snow 'Snow (My Rap Song)' by Jamie Delaney

Rapper's delight in this rap fantasy to real-life promo. Like any boy Rejjie dreamed of balling during the mandatory school trip to the French capital. Unlike every other school kid his …

Luke Tierney - 10th Sept 2013


Washed Out 'Don't Give Up' by Kate Moross

Ever wondered what being on acid at the zoo would be like? Me neither, but I'm glad I now know thanks to Kate Moross's warped animal-centric offering for Washed Out's Don't Give …

Luke Tierney - 6th Aug 2013

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