Promo News's Directors To Watch in 2014

David Knight - 23rd Jan 2014

The New Directors section on Promo News  - which can be found by clicking the 'Videos' icon above – has always been a reliable way to keep tabs on up-and-coming directing talent.

And looking back at those added to the New Directors list last year, it's pretty obvious that a lot of the debutant directors on Promo News are now destined for big things. So we've just shamelessly plucked from our New Directors of 2013, to create this playlist of Directors To Watch in 2014.

We're not pretending to have anything so impressive as special predictive powers about this. Most of our choices are already highly regarded - and some may not be particularly 'new' either. It's just that all these directors were new to Promo News last year – and we seriously rate them. DK

David Knight - 23rd Jan 2014

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