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Dear Reader 'Took Them Away' by Rob Savage

Sam Hill - 16th July 2013

Rob Savage's video for Dear Reader's haunting Took Them Away is an unusually direct visualisation of the story at the heart of the song, but it still draws from a variety of eminent literary and cinematic sources – from Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird and Ian McEwan's Atonement to Lars Von Trier's Dogville.

The result is a dark, intriguing drama about an unwitting betrayal and embedded racism, which combines film and theatre in distinctive fashion. It's as haunting and emotionally intense as the song, shot in high contrast and played predominantly in slow-motion, featuring some strong performances from the ensemble of actors.

And it comes from a young director who has already won a bunch of awards for his short and touted as a Screen International Star of Tomorrow for 2013.  

Rob Savage:

"The video tells the story of a young girl who misinterprets something she sees and inadvertently causes tragedy to ensue.

"We wanted the visuals to have a theatrical quality, taking place in a black void representing her over-dramatized view of the events, almost as though the action was taking place on an empty stage."

Sam Hill - 16th July 2013


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Rob Savage
Ben Burdock
Production Company
Idle Films


Director of Photography
David Mackie


Art Director
Katie-Ann MacGregor


Riccardo Servini


City Slang

Sam Hill - 16th July 2013

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