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Goose 'Your Ways' by Thomas Rhazi

David Knight - 3rd Oct 2013

Thomas Rhazi has created a gripping, disconcerting, and visually striking film for the return of Belgian band Goose with their track Your Ways. It's about a woman, spooked by a dream that leaks into real life (literally), and also proves to be oddly prophetic.

French singer and actress Soko plays the girl dealing with a trauma that's revealed in a brilliantly achieved flashback sequence, and the whole piece maintains a unsettling hyperreality while dealing with real emotion. Thomas Ozoux's black and white photography conveys that sense of displaced reality, and brings Thomas Rhazi's bravura visual storytelling to life.    

Thomas Rhazi: "I think I found something deeper than expected by doing this film. A path. Working with artist who respect your work and identity and let you shape your unique vision with clear trust is certainly a blessing. But working with a producer and a company who understand the notion of laboratory in music video and support your uncompromised vision is a necessity. And I had all that. Thanks to Celine Roubaud, my patient producer and all the people involved in that project, from Soko to the band. We need to try harder to surprise ourselves and break the bounds between fiction, promos and art. This film has been made with that guideline in mind.

"Even if the film is thought as a promo, like a promo, for a band, wrote specifically on the track… we never considered it as such while making it. We put the patience, the energy and the knowledge of shorts and features crew into this film. We wanted to go further and create a complex and plural experience. Combine the experimentation usually requested in that king of exercise with complex storytelling.

"From One More vfx to my DoP's use of digital infrared black and white, we wanted to shape a strong visual setting, striking but always in the service of the plot. There's some real acting here, proper screenwriting, but that doesn’t mean the audience should be bored visually, or the music smashed in the background. That kind of hybrid films are from my point of view a new playground. The audiences can definitively understand and ingest project like this.

I'm so fascinated by the elegance and the freedom of 90’s Glazer, Jonz, Cunningham’s music videos… I need, not to reach, because they are master of the genre, but carry on this experimentation need. And I hope this film embraces this philosophy."  

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David Knight - 3rd Oct 2013


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Thomas Rhazi
Production Company
Wanda Productions
Executive Producer
Celine Roubaud


Director of Photography
Thomas Ozoux


Post production company


Safari Records

David Knight - 3rd Oct 2013

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