Jimmy Brown - 20th Aug 2013

Filmed in 16mm and video, Karan Kandhari delivers this really excellent split-screen, narrative promo to partner The Vaccines' single Melody Calling, the lead track from their forthcoming EP.

Prominently featuring bass player Arni Anason, he rings up his bandmates (including frontman Justin Young), for advice on how to deal with a girl problem. Awkward moments ensue...  


DirectorKaran Kandhari
Production CompanyTomboy Films
ProducerBen Murray
EditorCharlie Di Placido
Director of PhotographyCarlos Catalan
Lead actorDaisy Moore
Lead actorThe Vaccines
Director's RepresentationUnited Agents
ColouristSimona Harrison
Grading companyRushes

Jimmy Brown - 20th Aug 2013

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