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Surkin 'Oedo 606' by Sanghon Kim

David Knight - 24th Oct 2013

This outstanding video for DJ/producer Surkin's Oedo 606 is a free-associating riff on a classic short film, by another exciting animation talent out of France, Sanghon Kim - who recently signed to Division.

Sanghon's inspiration is Charles & Ray Eames' Powers of Ten, and although that's been done before, the approach is the exact opposite of the Eameses - its not scientific, its about the immeasurable nature of love, expressed visually. And the result is a mesmerizing graphic trip. 

Sanghon Kim: "Unlike the Eames movie, this video is an unscientific pop tale. This huge journey is about two lovers and the power of their mind.

"We start from one lover's atom core to travel to an abstract space limit and then we come back to the other lover's atom. This trip takes us through crazy biological body, an unknown spinning desert and finally to an acid colorful blackhole.

"This infinite distance is about the magic of life and love, still as unknown as the limit of space. The idea of not understanding all of that bounds us shows how much we need our imagination. 

"Although the video reminds us that everything is made from the same atoms, this little trip shows us that the only thing that really matters is our feelings. From the molecule to the universe, everything is about what's happening between the two lovers."

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David Knight - 24th Oct 2013


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David Knight - 24th Oct 2013

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