David Knight - 6th Aug 2013

This is a remarkable video for Japanese dream-pop singer Cuushe's Airy Me - the product of a graduate assignment completed by Japanese artist Yoko Kuno while she was at university.

It took Yuko almost two years, hand-drawing around 3000 illustrations all by herself, and the result is breathtaking. With constantly flowing movement, unencumbered by gravity, she draws upon the grand tradition of Japanese anime, combining the naturalistic with the absolutely mind-blowing.

Ostensibly its a hospital-set drama focussed on a sad-eyed nurse and her desperately ill patient, but then it explodes into fantasy, and horror... Hayao Miyazaki himself would be impressed.

Airy Me was featured on Cuushe's 2009 debut album Red Rocket Telepathy. But the video also begins with the track Steamy Mirror from her new album Butterfly Case – which has a cover created by Yoko Kuno. And Cuushe talks about the video in a recent interview at dazeddigital.com


DirectorYoko Kuno
AnimatorYoko Kuno

David Knight - 6th Aug 2013

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