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Funeral Suits 'We Only Attack Ourselves' by Jonathan Irwin

David Knight - 27th Aug 2013

Irish aspiring director and VFX artist Jonathan Irwin pokes and prods into some primal fears in his very dark sci-fi fable for Irish band Funeral Suits' We Only Attack Ourselves.

A robot with a human face has echoes of Chris Cunningham's All Is Full Of Love video for Bjork, but this is actually about a man's conciousness being transferred from his own diseased body into something manmade – and the horror of his realisation what's happened. 

Jonathan Irwin: "This was an extremely ambitious low budget effort - we shot over two and a half days in Dublin, with miracle worker Michael Donnelly producing and Piers McGrail as DOP. We spent pretty much the entire budget on the shoot, leaving a grand total of Zero Euro for post-production. I completed all the animation and effects in my spare time over three months. 

"The big idea was to try and tell a relatable, emotional story with this weird sci-fi aesthetic and give our robot a bit of soul. Hopefully we did some of that, I'm just slightly amazed we got it done at all!"

David Knight - 27th Aug 2013


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Jonathan Irwin


Director of Photography
Piers McGrail


Jonathan Irwin

David Knight - 27th Aug 2013

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